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The Barbara Jean’s Restaurant had a failing on-site sewage treatment and disposal system. In order to comply with the Department of Health requirements, the restaurant initiated the design and permitting of an off-site force main for connection to the St. Johns County Utility Department’s collection system.

The force main design required coordination with JEA, United Water, and St. Johns County. JEA maintains the water distribution system along Roscoe Road and through United Water, recently upgraded the water main at the intersection of Roscoe Road and Canal Boulevard. At the time of construction, St. Johns County was in the process of constructing multiple stormwater upgrades along Canal Boulevard, which included the conversion of an existing swale into an underground stormwater collection and transmission system. In conjunction with the St. Johns County improvements, JEA was installing an 8” water main along Canal Boulevard to interconnect with St. Johns County.

As a result, the Barbara Jean’s force main was coordinated and routed around both existing and proposed utility improvements along the Roscoe Road / Canal Boulevard corridor. Due to the number of driveways, minimal right of way, and the utility congestion along Roscoe Road and Canal Boulevard, the off-site portion of the Barbara Jean’s force main was directionally drilled. The project included approximately 1,750 feet of 6” DR 11 HDPE pipe, two road crossings, and multiple air release valves.

DEP and St. Johns County right of way permits were issued and the main was designed and installed per St. Johns County Utility Department standards. Construction was completed in September 2010.

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