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Town of Cross City, FL

The Oldcastle Lawn and Garden facility, located just outside the Town of Cross City, owned and operated and small on-site potable water plant. Because the finished water contained elevated levels of arsenic, posing an acute public health risk, Oldcastle was encouraged to connect to the Town of Cross City’s distribution system.

In the June 2010, the Department of Community Affairs provided funding through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program to extend a 6” water main approximately 4,500 feet to serve the Oldcastle Lawn and Garden facility. The project included approximately 4,200 feet of DR 18 PVC water main and 350 feet of 8” HDPE DR 11 directional drills to accommodate driveways and road crossings.

The water main was been routed to avoid existing utilities and structures, to include multiple fiber optic cables, overhead power poles, and stormwater culverts in the 40 foot agricultural ditch. The main is located in the county right-of-way of a heavily traveled road between Cross City and Horseshoe Beach.

WET Engineering provided the design and permitting services for the water main extension. Contract documents, specifications and construction plans were created in order to publicly bid the project and WET Engineering provided construction administration services. The project design and construction was fast-tracked in order to meet compliance deadlines established by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. The Construction on the main was complete in January 2011, almost six months after securing funding.




What Our Clients Are Saying...

Max Usina

General Manager, North Beach Utilities

We have been working with WET Engineering/North Beach Engineering since early 2000. In every instance they were knowledgeable and finished work in a timely manner.

David J. Bolam

Chief Engineer, Clay County Utility Authority

WET Engineering has a 5-year continuing contract with the Clay County Utility Authority and has successfully completed a number of utility plant design projects. We are very satisfied with their work and the professionalism of the staff. The projects were completed on schedule and we have had minimal change orders.

Matt Boyd

Director of Operations, Whale’s Tale Waterpark

We were looking to install ProSlide's very first RideHouse and needed an engineer who could design a drainage and supply water plan as well as a mechanical room. We heard about the problems other parks had with similar structures, and couldn't be happier about our choice to go with WET Engineering. They were there for support during the build process and the system works without a flaw.

Gary Pinner

City Manager, Town of Cross City

WET Engineering is not only efficient & effective in their professional role, but they take the time to engage with clients with a genuine interest in how a project impacts the entire area and community. Their knowledge & attention to detail have aided the Cross City in securing funding and completing time sensitive projects.

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