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WET Engineering is an industry leader in designing and managing projects for our utility clients. Our firm believes that every project we develop, no matter the size, is an essential component to the livelihood of the community it supports. With over 50 years of combined experience, our principals have been providing innovative, reliable, and cost effective utility designs throughout Florida.

Our experience and expertise covers all areas of engineering including, but not limited to:

Master Planning and Conceptual Design

WET Engineering can provide preliminary master plans for infrastructure, treatment, and disposal facilities as well as evaluate the feasibility of expanding existing facilities versus constructing new. We will provide opinions of probable cost to aid in the decision making process from the onset of the project.

Waste and Wastewater Treatment Facilities & Infrastructure

WET Engineering is able to deliver complete design services from concept to biddable construction documents. We listen to the needs of our clients and utilize input from their operators to provide quality, cost effective, and reliable designs. We are familiar with and have used several available innovative technologies that assist in addressing challenging environmental conditions. In addition, WET Engineering works with a seasoned team of local design professionals including: electrical, structural, geotechnical engineers; surveyors; environmental scientists; and financial consultants, when necessitated, in order to ensure the completed facility meets the needs of the client.

Construction Administration

Our commitment to the project does not stop at the end of the design phase. Depending on the project and the client’s needs, we can offer production of complete bid documents, including formal specifications, bid forms, and announcements.  We can also help with the attendance at pre-bid meetings, distribution of bid documents, and bid evaluation. Once construction is underway, we can be there for periodic progress meetings and construction observation and can take care of requests for additional information, submittal/shop drawing review, pay request review, and final certification site visits.


WET Engineering is able to provide complete permitting services for a variety of utility projects to address new construction and operating permit renewals. We are very familiar with the permitting requirements through the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the various water management districts, Army Corps of Engineers, and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. WET Engineering can provide the necessary documents including Capacity Analysis Reports, Operation and Maintenance Performance Reports, Preliminary Engineering Reports, Agriculture Use Plans, Groundwater Monitoring Plans, Reuse Feasibility Studies, Reclaimed Effluent Analyses Report, and consumptive use updates.

Project Coordination

WET Engineering works with a team of seasoned professionals, including: structural and electrical engineers, environmental scientists, financial consultants, geotechnical engineers, and surveyors to address the wide range challenges facing utilities. WET Engineering will coordinate with these professionals to address facility design, wetland and protected species mitigation, rate studies, and compliance reporting.

Funding Assistance

WET Engineering can assist utility clients with funding applications to Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s State Revolving Fund Program and USDA’s Rural Development loan and grant program. We will evaluate the available alternative technologies, provide opinions of probable costs, determine 20 year life cycle costs, and meet with the client and their operators prior to making recommendations for implementation. After the evaluation is complete, WET Engineering will provide the necessary Preliminary Engineering Reports, Environmental Reports, and Facility Plans to accompany the funding applications.

In addition, WET Engineering will assist utility clients and their grant administrators with opinions of probable cost and preliminary plans for funding applications to the Department of Environmental Opportunity’s (formerly Department of Consumer Affairs) for Community Development Block Grants.

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Why Do People Choose WET Engineering?

  • Experience

    WET Engineering was established by combining the talents of Bill Smoot, Jim LePetrie and Heather Baxter. All three of these professional engineers have extensive experience from their time with other engineering firms and have a combined 50 years of design and consulting experience.

  • Detailed Planning

    Our principals firmly believe that active participation in the design process and interaction with the client by the principals of the firm is a necessity. We treat each project like it is our first, ensuring we put our best step forward with every design.

  • Multi-State Licensed

    We are currently licensed in over 30 U.S. states. We're very knowledgeable on everything from design to permitting to state laws & requirements.


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What Our Clients Are Saying...

Max Usina

General Manager, North Beach Utilities

We have been working with WET Engineering/North Beach Engineering since early 2000. In every instance they were knowledgeable and finished work in a timely manner.

Gary Pinner

City Manager, Town of Cross City

WET Engineering is not only efficient & effective in their professional role, but they take the time to engage with clients with a genuine interest in how a project impacts the entire area and community. Their knowledge & attention to detail have aided the Cross City in securing funding and completing time sensitive projects.

Matt Boyd

Director of Operations, Whale’s Tale Waterpark

We were looking to install ProSlide's very first RideHouse and needed an engineer who could design a drainage and supply water plan as well as a mechanical room. We heard about the problems other parks had with similar structures, and couldn't be happier about our choice to go with WET Engineering. They were there for support during the build process and the system works without a flaw.

David J. Bolam

Chief Engineer, Clay County Utility Authority

WET Engineering has a 5-year continuing contract with the Clay County Utility Authority and has successfully completed a number of utility plant design projects. We are very satisfied with their work and the professionalism of the staff. The projects were completed on schedule and we have had minimal change orders.

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